The Bush Ground Anchor

The Ground Anchor is a highly effective and portable self-recovery ground anchor solution when there are no alternatives. The anchors are very strong,easy to place and retrieve and don’t need knots, shackles or tools to connect the winch rope to.

Tailored for use with the Bush Winch in sand, mud and clay the Ground Anchor is one kit but includes two independent anchors. A recovery system that provides two anchors means that the winch load is automatically shared/halved and will hold where a single anchor point would not. Two anchors placed in tandem or independently also provide for a greater array of solutions otherwise not possible or strong enough from a single anchor point.

The Ground Anchors are screwed by hand into the ground (like an auger) and while doing this mated with a spade that is also pressed and pinned vertically into the ground. The auger and spade act together as a fixed unyielding point that resists the load far more effectively than the alternatives like plough type anchors.

The Ground Anchor provides an important part of the vehicle self-recovery solution but has also been found to be a great value for all those other occasions when tough ground anchors are required.


The Bush Anchor and carry bag weighs approximately 18kg.

The Bush Ground Anchor pack includes:

  • 2 x ground screws
  • 2 x spades
  • 1 x T-bar/steel peg
  • 1 x carry bag

Using the Bush Bridle

Step 1: Screw anchor in half way

Step 2: Place spade against ground screw

Step 3: Press into ground until flush

Step 4: Attach winch rope