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Bush Winch has everything you need for unique winching and anchoring solutions, including two fixed anchors and one soft anchor solution.

The Bush Anchor Kits are a highly effective and portable self-recovery anchor solution when there are no natural alternatives. The anchors are very strong, easy to place and retrieve and don’t need knots, shackles or tools to connect the winch rope to.

Available in two variations:

  • The Ground Anchor, 0.7m long, is ideal for use in unconsolidated clay, mud and sand conditions.
  • The Sand Anchor, 1.0m long, is ideal for use in softer sand and mud conditions.

The soft Anchor (or bridle) is another means of creating anchor points when you need them in line with the vehicle. The Bridle is strung tightly across the path of the vehicle attached to anchor points to the side.