The Assembly Instructions show you how to safely assemble your Bush Winch products.

Safety note

Winching a vehicle is an inherently dangerous procedure. Consider your actions carefully including:

  1. What would happen to the vehicle if the winch the rope or the anchor fails at some point during the pull?
  2. Is there a risk of injury or damage if the winch rope or anchor fails?
  3. Bystanders should stand clear and to the side of a vehicle being winched.
  4. Winch slowly and stop and check your progress as you go.
  5. Do not leave the Bush Winch attached to the vehicle when driving.

Warranty and Disclaimer

Activities involving the use of any winch are inherently dangerous. Before using the Bush Winch, become acquainted with its use and understand the risks you are taking. You are responsible for your own actions and must accept the risks involved.

  • Bush Winches and Anchors Pty Ltd (“BWA”) will not accept any loss or damage to property or person as a result of use of the Bush Winch or its accessories.
  • BWA makes no specific representation as to the suitability of the Bush Winch or Bush Winch accessories for your own uses.
  • BWA extends a 2 year warranty on the Winch, the Winch Rope and the Wheel Nuts where it can be demonstrated the product is faulty.