The Bush Winch in Action

Bush Winch test with Allan Whiting November 2015

The Bush Winch is a light weight self-recovery system for 4WDs and 2WDs. When needed the Bush Winch is simply connected to the front or rear wheels of your vehicle as you chose. With the winch rope attached to the Bush Winch at one end and the anchor point at the other the winch rope winds onto the Bush Winch as the wheel spins.

Series II Bush Winch

Forward Recovery in Bog April 2018

The Ground Anchor

Instructional video on the Ground Anchor

You don’t need a tree or other vehicle to get out of trouble.

The Bridle Kit

The Bridle in action

The second generation Bridle Kit featuring the Helping Hands and Soft Shackles April 2018

The Rope Guides

The second-generation Rope Guides featuring rope spokes and split-eye- swivels

The second generation Rope Guide in use April 2018