The Bush Winch Story

The Bush Winch vehicle self-recovery system was created in the rugged environment of the Western Australian bush.

Founder Patrick Verbeek’s vision to create a simple, reliable, portable and powerful winching system was born from his experience as a geologist and remote destination traveller.

Journeying off-road to some of the harshest and most isolated environments in the world inspired the invention of a revolutionary vehicle recovery system that does not fail and provides a high degree of self-reliance.

The invention of the Bush Winch created a solution that:

  • could work in even the harshest conditions for a wide variety of vehicles, including 2WD and AWD models
  • did not require extensive modifications or additions to vehicles
  • minimised maintenance and upkeep requirements to deliver lifelong value and reliability
  • provided more powerful and reliable vehicle recovery for all types of terrains
  • minimised wear and tear on vehicles, without compromising strength
  • protected the safety of users

The Bush Winch is a Patented system which applies technical innovation and superior materials to provide an intuitive and simple but high-performing solution for vehicle self-recovery.

Manufactured and rigorously tested in Australia since 2005, the Bush Winch and its accessories are now supplied to customers all over the world. Now in its second generation the product criteria of robustness, reliability and affordability endures.

Bush Winches and Anchors Pty Ltd (ACN 103 523 968) Perth, Western Australia