Bush Winch Advantages

The Bush Winch light weight vehicle recovery system has a range of advantages.
The self-recovery system was created in the great Australian outback and can sustain almost any kind of terrain.
Journeying off-road to some of the harshest and most isolated environments in the world.
The Bush Winch Kit will help you on your next outback adventure.


The Bush Winch takes the smart approach to vehicle self-recovery. It uses the  vehicle’s own limitless engine power and our light weight kit to quickly get you back on firm ground.


Expertly designed and extensively tested the Bush Winch recovery system uses unique very high specification components that seeks to minimize the risk of damage to the vehicle and injury to the user.


The Bush Winch is a life long product robust enough to pull you to safety many times with no mechanical or electrical components to let you down.


Winch forwards or backwards when recovering your vehicle.  You get better recovery options and unrivalled versatility of use. Use our  anchoring solutions in combination to create your own independent escape path.


The Bush Winch can be shared over a large range of 2WD, 4WD and AWD vehicles . The winch ropes, soft shackles, anchors and bridle, all part of the self recovery system,  have multiple uses without extra weight or room taken for all your outdoor requirements.


The Bush Winch is intuitive and easy to use. Attach the winch drums to the wheel rims with a click and turn action and attach the winch ropes to the anchor points. Drive yourself out of the trouble with control from the driver’s seat.


The vehicle’s own continuous engine power provides unsurpassed winching capacity. Winching from two wheels at low axle level in unison with wheel rotation is a superior faster recovery solution.


At about 10kg/22lbs and packing into a portable carry bag the Bush Winch is easy to bring along and a fraction the weight of fixed mechanical or  electrical winches.

Cost effective

As a lifelong product made from quality components with no maintenance the Bush Winch compares very favourable with alternatives.


What you see is what you get with no threat from hidden malfunctions. Good design to provide both form and function to a product that you can rely on.