The Bush Bridle

The Bridle is another means of creating anchor points when you need them in line with the vehicle. The Bridle is strung tightly across the path of the vehicle attached to anchor points to the side. You connect the winch ropes straight ahead to the Bridle and winch the direction you want to go.  All sorts of natural anchors that may otherwise be too far way or in the wrong position can be utilized to create a recovery solution.

There are many advantages of using the Bush Bridle.

  • Winch loads can be shared between a number of anchor points rather than one
  • A combination of natural anchors can be used – e.g. trees and rocks
  • The Bush Bridle can be used with either the Bush Ground or Sand Anchor.
  • The Shackles allow easy attachment of the winch ropes to the bridle without the need for knots
  • The rollers allow winch ropes to join and equally share the winch loads and/or act as pulleys
  • The Bridle rope can be used for towing and many other purposes due to its high strength

The Bush Bridle pack includes:

  • 30m (98 feet) of 12 strand 8mm Dynice 75 with splice eyes at each end and breaking strain of 6700kg (14,765Ibs)
  • 2 x soft shackles rated at 3200kg (7054 lbs)
  • 1 x carry bag

Using the Bush Bridle