Available in different combinations to suit a variety of applications, vehicles and budgets

At the centre of the overall recovery solution is the new generation Series II Bush Winch.

The Bush Winch uses the vehicle’s own undiminished engine power to winch from the wheels without the need for vehicle modifications, making it suitable for use on a wide variety of vehicles – including 2WD and AWD.

A moulded product with a smooth touch and easy handling that will stand up to the toughest conditions and last a lifetime.

Suitable for use in sand, mud or ice – The Bush Winch can handle anything you throw at it!

Find a Bush Winch Kit to match your vehicle

Our Bush Winch Kits and Rope Guide Kits are designed to fit particular vehicle wheel rims and use specially designed wheel nuts/lugs or bolts to attach to. To select the correct kit for your vehicle, please use our vehicle search feature:

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