Space Age Technology

By October 4, 2017March 9th, 20224WD, Winch Kit

Engineering advancements have allowed us to use space age technology to transform the Bush Winch into a more durable and stable product.

Previously cast from aluminium,  our Series II Bush Winches are moulded from a modern polyamide compound used in aeronautical, defence, automotive and other industries.  The new material allows the stress created during the use of the winch to be distributed over a larger area. This increases the load limits under which the Bush Winch can safely function, making it even safer and longer-lasting.

Plastic injection moulding of long polymer fibers under high pressure is the key to giving the new compound its strength. When stress is applied to materials made from these long fibres,  energy is transferred to the 3 dimensional structure and distributed over a wider area.  Other advantages extend to improved tensile strength, stability and resilience to a wide range of temperatures – a handy asset when using the Bush Winch in a range of outdoor environments.

Lightweight advantage

Another advantage of the space age polyamide technology is its weight.  The new material is not only stronger, but significantly lighter than the previous metal model.  This gives added convenience for packing and stowing for every trip.

Long fibre thermoplastics polymers are becoming an increasingly popular metal replacement options because they sacrifice weight, without sacrificing performance. In fact, this type of material has an exceptional strength to weight ratio.  Automotive, mining, consumer goods, performance sports and recreation and indeed aeronautical industries have embraced the new technology for this reason. Many modern vehicles now feature a swathe of long fibre technology parts in place of the more traditional metal ones, and the automotive industry accounts for about 80% of this material usage worldwide.

Lasting Good Looks

Our new moulded material also offers improved surface appearance and better resistance to scratches and marks in comparison to other technologies. The Series II Bush Winches also feature enhanced UV stability.

In a punishing offroad environment it’s important that your self-recovery system is a stable and durable as possible so that it won’t let you down. At Bush Winch, we will continue to innovate to produce the best, most reliable, long-lasting and cost effective self-recovery system for all kinds of vehicles.

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