Soft Shackle 4mm


H/Duty Soft Shackle (4pck) – Cert 2.80 tonne breaking strain – 4mm Dyneema®

Pack of 4 x 4mm Dynice 75 Dyneema® Australian Made soft shackles

Uses: Universal application including boating, recreational, fishing, maritime, self-recovery

Excellent replacement for metal shackle as it will not rust or damage other surfaces.

Construction: made from Dyneema® the strongest, most durable lightweight fiber in the world.

Sourced from HAMPIDJAN Iceland, Dynice ropes are 15 times stronger than steel and so light it floats on water.

Design: The shackles are professionally made in Australia to our unique design and exacting standards

  • Unique choker hold close
  • Largest and strongest stopper knot on the market
  • Pre tensioned to 800KG – knot cannot reverse under load
  • Completely double stranded – using twice the rope, so twice as strong
  • Zero elongation/creep guaranteed due to pre tensioning

Color: Red for visibility

Aprox length: 33cm 12 inches (open)

Certified breaking strength: 2800 kg (6170 lbs)

Weight: 12gr each


Additional information

Weight .081 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 3 cm