Twist On, Drive Out

The Bush Winch uses the vehicle’s own undiminished engine power to winch from the wheels without the need for vehicle modifications.

Suitable for use in sand, mud or ice – The Bush Winch can handle anything you throw at it!

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All In-One Recovery

A winch without an anchor to pull from is useless. Bush Winch has everything you need for unique winching and anchoring solutions.

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Don’t just take our word for it!

“We refrained from letting our tyres down to make it that much harder for the Bush Winch but, to my surprise, the little fella just pulled the vehicle straight out of the bog and up the dune. Now I was really impressed. It was absolutely effortless. What more can I say? It’s a damn good WA product and I will be using one from this day on.”

Austrack 4WD Training

“Never call a towtruck again”

“Not only is this tool great for the off-road fanatic, but it can be a handy tool to keep in the back of a car for the everyday driver as well .”

“The Bush Winch Is One Gadget We Can All Get Behind. No wiring, mounting or modifications required”

“This is a good product. The vehicle walks itself up a soft sand dune, the anchors never looked like moving and there was no stress; amazing stuff.”

Western 4WD Driver

“This attachment can get your car out of a tricky situation “

“Unlike conventionally powered winches, Bush Winch has no maximum pulling power, except that given by the power of the car’s engine itself .”