The Bush Winch Series II is a revolutionary self-recovery system that allows you to recover your vehicle (4WD, AWD & 2WD) from many hazards.

See it in action below:

Selecting the right fitment

Select your vehicle’s make and model and pick from the list of wheel rim pictures the one that matches your vehicle’s. We’ll know what you need once you’ve done this.

Will  the Bush Winch fit my vehicle?

The Bush Winch has to fit the particular wheel rim on your vehicle and the correct replacement wheel nuts/lugs need to be supplied.

The replacement wheel nuts/lugs have special slots on top the winch slots onto. They permanently replace the original wheel nuts/lugs on your vehicle.

I can’t see my wheel rim?

We are constantly adding to the range of vehicles the Bush Winch fits. If you cannot see your wheel rim or find the make and model of your vehicle please send us the details and photos of your vehicle on this contact form.  We base and prioritize our fitment program on demand and want to hear from you.

Bush Winch 4WD

Rim Search

Select your vehicle's make and model from the dropdown list below to display the wheel rims that suit your vehicle. Click the wheel rim image that matches your vehicle to display compatible Bush Winch Kits and Rope Guide Kits.